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App: installation for remote desktop servers
App: installation for remote desktop servers

Find out how to install the app on the users' computers if you work in a TSE / RDS environment

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In the case of remote desktop servers with a Microsoft session environment, it is important to be aware of the following points:

  • The compatibility is ensured from Windows Serveur 2008 R2 (updated) with a Framework environment updated (4.6 version minimum)

  • Each app is downloaded once per user, even for a remote desktop server.

  1. Localization

Each installed APP will place the configuration files and executables in the user's Program Files folder. Logs and signatures are placed in the user context and therefore in %appdata%/roaming:
If users have 'roaming' profiles, the files created by Letsignit APP and the Roaming directory is emptied then each time the session is restarted. The App will have to import the signatures again as well as recreate the logs.

2. Take into account network loads

To each user, the app will make some HTTPS request to check its version compared to the current version on the Letsignit Cloud server.
HTTPS requests alone represent a very low network load.

The network load due to the downloading of signatures will be directly related to the weight of the signature and multiplied by the number of users.
These downloads and queries are launched from the moment the user session is active.

3. Take into account the memory loads

A launched APP consumes between 100 and 200 MB of RAM memory. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the total for the server based on the number of users supported by the remote desktop server.

4. Take into account disk space loads

The APP, counting all the files can consume between 200 and 500MB per user.

Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the total for the server based on the number of users supported by the remote desktop server.

5. Access to the register

The APP, via the user session, requires access to the registry for the following keys:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER: Reading + writing.

Root="HKCU" Key="Software\Letsignit\LetsignitApp" Name="desktopShortcut" Type="integer" Value="1”

Root="HKCU" Key="Software\Letsignit\LetsignitApp" Name="appShortcut" Type="integer" Value="1”

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT: Reading + writing.



HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE: Read-only for Google Analytics.

Root="HKLM" Key="Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce" Name="LetsignitApp" Type="string" Value="[APPLICATIONROOTDIRECTORY]Letsignit App.exe --standalone-install"


HKCU : \Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

6) Links :

64 bits :

32 bits :

If all these requirements are met, your users will be able to use their app :)

Do not hesitate to ask us more informations if needed ;)

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