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Variables: How to create new attributes ?
Variables: How to create new attributes ?

Discover how to create new fields in users' profile information

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To access this feature, go to the drop-down menu located at the top right of your Letsignit platform, then click on "User attributes".

Enter the name of the attribute you want to create in the field bellow "Create a new attribute" and click on the "+" pictogram.

Once the attribute is created, you have different options:

  • Click on the lock to prevent users from modifying the field in their downloaded app

  • Click on the eye to hide the attribute in the users' app

  • Click on the trashcan icon to delete the attribute

Once your attributes are created, you can find them in the designer tool, in the "Letsignit attributes section".

You can also find them in the users' profile information records (in the "Letsignit attributes" tab).

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