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How can I change my signature/banner dimensions?
How can I change my signature/banner dimensions?

Discover how to adapt your logos/pictures/banners according to your needs.

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  1. Login to your account.

2. Go in the "Signature"'s tab.
("Campaigns" if you want to modify its dimensions)

3. Select the right signature :

4. To make the resizing appear, it will be necessary to click once on an attribute (for example an image such as the profile picture); this will activate a horizontal menu, in which you will be able to resize the width as well as the height of the image:

4.1 - You also have the possibility to modify the "spacing" between your information:

To do this, simply go to the "block format" tab and select the spacing logo as follows:

Here we are going to modify the spacing by taking the case of the telephone number; it is possible to increase or decrease the space (via the logo of the arrow pointing down to accentuate it or up to decrease it):

4.2 - It is also possible to space an attribute to the left or to the right:

5. We will now focus on the Alignment part:

5.1 - In this example, we will proceed with the alignment via the "text format" and "block format" tabs (the "text format" is only present for textual attributes, those of photo type will need to go through the block format)

  • Via "Text Options" :

  • Via "Block format" :

    5.2 - In addition, you also have the possibility of moving your information vertically: taking the example of our logo, we can see that it is very simple to move it thanks to the 3 options

- Top :

- Middle

- Bottom :

You now know the different options available to you to personalize your signature.

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have via chat or at

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