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Statistics: Tracking performances with Google Analytics
Statistics: Tracking performances with Google Analytics
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With Letsignit, it is possible to add links containing UTM tags to mark signatures or campaigns with Google Analytics, offering better traceability and data analysis.

What is a UTM?

UTM tags are a technique for tracking the origin and identifying visitors to your various marketing operations. They are added to the end of URLs in the form of a code that Google Analytics can recognise and analyse.

How to configure your URL?

To configure your URLs with UTM tags, there are five key parameters:

“utm_source”: For identifying a search engine, a newsletter or another source. It corresponds to the source of the traffic (for example Google/Facebook).

“utm_medium”: For identifying a medium such as email or the cost-per-click (CPC, CPA) …

“utm_campaign”: Used keyword analysis and to identify a specific product promotion or strategic campaign.

“utm_term”: Used for advertisers on the search in order to note the keywords of their advertisement.

“utm_content”: Used for the A/B testing and content-targeted advertisements to differentiate ads or links pointing to the same URL

A single URL can combine several codes. The links with the UTM are constructed with two components:

  • The type of settings, for example, utm_code

  • A value, for example: utm_source=event_MS_Ignite_The_Tour_London

How to create your URLS?

You can now manually create or use the URL creation tool with UTM tags: URL Campaign Builder (

And don't forget to reduce the size of your URLs by using shortening tools such as Bitly Long, complex URLs are less attractive and can deter users from clicking on your links. With Bitly, you can create shorter, more user-friendly links while retaining the UTM tags and their functionality.

Where can you track your results?

Once you have created your links with UTM tags and integrated them into your signatures or campaigns, you can consult your data in Google Analytics. To track these results, go to the "Acquisitions" section of Google Analytics, then select "All traffic", and finally "Source/Support/Other" > "Ad content and Source".

Now all that rests is to use your links in your signatures/campaigns and consult your data via Google Analytics.

* Finally, it is important to take into account the recommendations of the CNIL concerning the use of Google Analytics and compliance with the GDPR. Make sure you comply with your legal obligations. Read the article

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