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Tracking and performance analysis with Matomo on Letsignit
Tracking and performance analysis with Matomo on Letsignit

Explore the power of tracking and data analysis with Matomo integrated into Letsignit.

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Matomo is an open-source web analytics platform designed to help you understand your users and optimise your marketing efforts.

The tool gives you total control over your data, and is RGPD compliant.

1. How marketing tracking works on Matomo :

Marketing tracking with Matomo allows you to measure the effectiveness of your promotional efforts. You can track clicks, conversions and user interactions to understand what works best.

To track your campaigns, you can add special parameters to your URLs. Each parameter you enter allows you to identify an element: the source, the campaign, the content, etc.

For example, if you want to identify the Letsignit source of your campaigns in Matomo with a particular URL.

You can track all clicks on this URL by adding one or more of the above parameters :

Here's an article to help you understand the anatomy of a Matomo campaign tracking URL. Read

2. Creating tracking links with the URL Builder tool:

Matomo offers a URL Builder tool that makes it easy to create tracking links for your campaigns.

You can specify key parameters such as source, campaign, content etc. to get detailed information on each click.

You can create your precise tracking links using the URL Builder tool.

Make sure you optimise your links by shortening them using tools such as Bitly ( Long, complicated URLs can discourage user clicks. By using Bitly, you can create shorter, more user-friendly links, while preserving special parameters and functionality. This will improve the appearance of your links and encourage users to explore them.

3. Monitoring and analysing results in Matomo :

Once you've created your tracking links and integrated them into Letsignit, it's time to monitor the results in Matomo.

Log into your Matomo dashboard to access detailed reports on your campaigns. View data on clicks, conversions and other key metrics to assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

In summary, performance tracking via Matomo on Letsignit gives you essential visibility into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns while ensuring rigorous compliance with data protection regulations.

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