Once your users are imported, you may want to diffuse your signatures on the webmail Gmail. To deploy this functionality, you need to be administrator of your GSuite account, have the GSuite Admin rights and benefit from an active Gsuite license.

Go to the "Office 365/G Suite Integrations" section.

Select the Gmail section : 

To deploy this feature, you must be a solution administrator and have Administrator privilege for the Gsuite account. 

The Admin account generated when creating the Gsuite account should be used and not a user with Admin rights on Gsuite.

The following steps should allow you to set up the push API :

 First, you need to allow API access for the Gmail app

To do this, go to your G Suite Administration Console domain. (https://admin.google.com)

The super administrator must first have the 4 roles assigned to his organizational unit :

  1. On your Admin Gsuite dashboard, click on the "Security" tab

2. In the Security tab, click on "API Permissions"

3. Click "Manage third-party app access".

4. Then add a new application by clicking on "Add App" and "OAuth App Name Or Client ID".

5. Search for "Letsignit" in the search bar and select the application that will be displayed. Then click on "Add".

Next you'll need to authorize our API authenticate on you G Suite tenant.

  1. You will need to return to the "Security" tab of your dashboard, and click on "Advanced Settings"

2. Select "Manage API Client Access" in the "Authentication" section


3. In the "Customer Name" field, enter the following ID: 114442389185392638459

 In the field "One or more API scope" enter the field: https://www.googleapis.com/auth/gmail.settings.basic

Once done, please click on authorize.

 Verify that the box "enable API access" is checked.
 The activation time on Google may vary.

If after making all the changes, the message appears again the next day, we invite you to get in contact with the Letsignit Support team to find the causes of the malfunction.


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