With Letsignit, you can now manage various logos and add them to your different signatures thanks to the new logo gallery.

How to upload multiple logos?

Go to the drop-down menu in the upper left area of your screen, click on it, then click on "My company" in the "Settings" area.

If you have already imported a logo, you will see it appear in the "Main Logo" box. To add another logo, click on the "More" icon in the "Other logos" area.

 Click on "Browse File", identify the desired logo, adjust its size and import it.

From this pop up you can set your main and  secondary logos by cimply clicking on the "set as main logo" button.

The main logo governs the custom color of your new signatures (you can edit it manually in each signature) and it always appears when creating a new signature.

How to manage the logos in my signatures?

To change the main logo in a signature, you can do it in two different ways.

The first one: 

Click on the "signatures" tab and then on the signature you wish to modify.

In the right panel, identify the designated field for the logo, click on it and select the new logo you want to display instead of the current one, close the pop up and you will find your changes applied to the signature.

The second one:

Once you have identified the signature you wish to modify, open it in the designer:

Click on the logo block you want to edit to open the logo editing pop up, select the logo you want to display instead of the current logo, close pop up and find your changes applied. 

(In the designer it is possible to add multiple logo blocks to a siganture)

Click "save" to validate your changes.

Note: If you edit or delete a logo in a signature, it will not affect the rest of the existing signatures which will retain current status.

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