With export mode (HTML import), you can format the text attributes in your signatures. To do that, please follow these steps: 

The syntax to use in your HTML code is: {{attribute | function (settings, …)}}

The available functions are:

  • upper to put it in UPPER CASE  

  • lower to put it in lower case 

  • capitalize to put only the first letter in upper case 

  • replace (string to replace, replacement value) to replace part of the text for another.

  • truncate (size, true, ellipse) to limit the size of a string of characters 

  • default (‘the string was empty’, true) to put a value if the variable is empty 


If the attribute ‘city’ contains ‘Paris’ 

  • {{city | upper}} will result in PARIS

  • {{city | lower}} will result in paris 

  • {{city | capitalize}} will result in Paris 

If the variable “department” contains “GRP-Development-SMTP”

  • {{department | truncate(8, true, ")}} will result in GRP-De
    Only 8 characters are displayed, spaces included.

  • {{department | replace("GRP-","")}} will result in Development-SMTP

If the variable “department” is empty 

  • {{ department | default("Head Office", true) }} will result in Head Office
    The empty value “department” has been replaced by the value “Head Office” 

Advanced use: 

You can also combine the functions by linking them together: 

{{attribute | function1 | function2}}


If the attribute contains: GRP-Development-SMTP

  • {{department |replace("GRP-", "") | upper }} will result in DEVELOPMENT – SMTP 

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