You have synchronized your users through a sync of your directory but it is not up to date?

Discover in this article how Letsignit can help you to complete your directory information.

1- Fill in the missing information from your platform :

First, you can manually import the missing users to your AD :

Once the missing users have been imported, you can complete the user fields brought up from your sync for which information is missing.

Two options :

1) You prefer to give to your employees the freedom to complete their information.

In this case, you will have to make sure that the modification of the attribute fields by your users is possible: go to your admin profile, click on the profile picture on the top right and then on "user attributes".

Once in the section, make sure that the locks linked to the attributes are all released and visible.

Your users will then be able to modify their information directly from their app if they are Outlook thick client users :

Or from their space on the online platform by selecting their profile picture at the top right and then "my profile":

2) You don't want to give your users the possibility to modify their information and prefer to do it yourself :

This time you have to make sure that the locks linked to the user attributes are locked:

You can then modify their personal information directly from your administrator console, user by user by selecting them one after the other to display their profile information :


Export this information in the form of an Excel .cvs file so that you can then import it back into your directory.

Once the update is done, it is not automatically transferred to your directory because we only have read and not write rights to it.

However, from your administrator console, you can export a .cvs file containing all the information completed for your users.

You can then import this information directly into your directory if you have the rights or pass it on to the person in charge of managing it.

To proceed, go to "Team", then select all your users and click on the "export" icon:

Your user list is now up to date, and ready to be reimported into your directory to complete your sync :)

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