As of today (2021/06/29), the addin is available for:

  • All M365 customers

Using Outlook with a Microsoft 365 subscription (Outlook on Windows, and Outlook on the web).
/!\ Warning:

  • Only on Windows

    MAC not yet covered for Outlook desktop)

  • OWA and Outlook desktop

  • No limit on number of users

  • Minimum Outlook version required: v16.0.14026.

How to know the version of your Outlook?

In Outlook desktop, click on File / Account Office / About

(click on the image below to see the step by step video)

  • M65 update channels:

    • be on the current channel or on the monthly channel (learn more about M365 update channels).

    • To date, the Add-in is not yet compatible for users who are on a "semi annual" update channel.

How to know your M365 update channel?

In Outlook desktop, click on File / Office Account / About

Click on the picture above to see the instructions (video).

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