With the new designer, you can use the layout blocks to customize your signatures. Click Layout, Three tabs will show: Separators, Spacing blocks and Spring blocks.


The Separator button allows you to add borders and dividers between the different elements or variables of your signatures. You can choose the size, thickness, color etc. To do this, swipe the Separator button to the desired location of your signature and release the mouse.

Spacer block: The spacer block allows you to add space between the elements or variables of your signatures . You can increase the size, choose a filling color and also put borders on it.


This type of block allows you to add the maximum space between two elements of your signatures. Slide this block between two variables to spread them to the maximum.

All types of blocks of the new designer can be customized: you can add borders, fill with a color, put more thickness etc.

Don't forget to save your changes 😉

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