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Why can't I delete a user from the Platform?
Why can't I delete a user from the Platform?

Find out why you can't manually delete some users from your Platform.

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From the "Team" tab of your Letsignit Platform, you can manage all the users related to your activity.

You wish to delete a user from your Platform? He is no longer part of your workforce or is no longer concerned by the use of your signatures?

Deletion is possible if the user has not been synchronized by an Enterprise Directory. Otherwise, the "Delete" option will be grayed out as in the example below :

If you are confronted with this case, you have to perform the deletion directly on your AD (Active directory). Once this action is completed, the user will have been erased on the Letsignit Platform.

To do this, you can either delete him directly from the AD, or simply make him inactive if you don't want to delete him and have chosen not to synchronize inactive users in your synchronization edition. This article (part 2) tells you how to proceed.

Apart from this case, the "Delete" option is applicable if you have added users manually or via the import of a CSV file. In this case, you will have this visual below:


All you have to do is click to make the deletion effective.

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