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What fonts are available in the Designer?
What fonts are available in the Designer?

Discover in this article the list of system fonts available for the creation of your signatures.

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The Designer allows you to create your signatures according to your needs and you graphic chart. In order to satisfy you as much as possible, our designer offers different standard writing fonts recognized by all email clients.

The list of our fonts is as follows :

  • Arial

  • Arial Black

  • Aptos

  • Calibri

  • Century Gothic

  • Comic sans MS

  • Courier New

  • Georgia

  • Lucida sans unicode

  • Tahoma

  • Times new roman

  • Trebuchet MS

  • Verdana

If you want another type of font, you can add it in your designer. To accomplish this, you need to create your signature via an HTML Code. However, Letsignit cannot guarantee the display result of your template. Indeed, remember that each email client has its own particularities.

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