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Office 365: Multi-device email signature synchronization.
Office 365: Multi-device email signature synchronization.

Microsoft is rolling out this new feature, find here the explanation.

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In June 2020 Microsoft launches a new functionality allowing to save the email signature in the cloud.

For the moment, the scope of this new feature only covers the Outlook client for Windows. A user who changes computers can easily recover the email signature he had previously configured on the old computer without having to configure a new one.

It is a feature that is applied individually for users and therefore Microsoft does not give the possibility of massively distributing email signatures to employees of a company.

What are the impacts for Letsignit customers?

SMTP (mobile & tablets) and Push API (webmail) services are not affected to date.

When using the Outlook client for Windows , you must make sure you have the latest version of the Letsignit app for Outlook and thus avoid possible interferences with the Letsignit services. With the update of our Letsignit App you can continue to use the solution as you usually do.

To learn how to update the app click here

If you change your computer we recommend that you follow the current procedure and install the Letsignit app for Outlook also on your new computer.

Following Microsoft's announcement, Letsignit, the leader in email signatures, has worked with Microsoft to further automate email signatures and increase their impact!

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