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Partner Portal: How to deploy Letsignit for my clients?
Partner Portal: How to deploy Letsignit for my clients?
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The first step is to connect to your client's account, if you want to know more about it, click here.

1 - Configure connectors

To configure Office 365 or G Suite connectors, you need an account with the necessary permissions and rights on your client's Office 365 or G Suite tenant. With the email you have no rights over your customer's tenant.

To do a synchronization, a push API (solution for pushing the Letsignit signature to Gmail) or an SMTP connection, you'll need to authenticate yourself with Office or G Suite administrator rights.

Several methods of adding users are possible, consultable here

Choose the deployment mode for Letsignit signatures: Then choose the deployment method or methods that best suit your client's use:

• Outlook users : You can deploy the add-in if you're on Office 365, or download the APP (not compatible with New Outlook).

• Outlook web users : configure the Outlook WebMail connector (otherwise known as OWA available with the add-in) or the connector for Gmail

• For all users wishing to use Outlook in its mobile version: the add-in is also available in a mobile version.

NB: If you use software other than Outlook on your mobile, or more generally on your PC/Mac that generates mail flows (CRM type), find the SMTP connector for office 365 also available.

Want to find out more about the Letsignit Partner Portal? Click here to see our video presentation🎬

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