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Partner Portal: How to deploy Letsignit for my clients?
Partner Portal: How to deploy Letsignit for my clients?
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The first step is to connect to your client's account, if you want to know more about it, click here.

To configure Office 365 or G Suite connectors, you need an account with the necessary permissions and rights on your client's Office 365 or G Suite tenant. With the email you have no rights over your customer's tenant.

To synchronize a push API or an SMTP connection, you will need to authenticate yourself with Office or G Suite administrator rights.

Synchronize users: Synchronize Letsignit with the Company Directory (compatible with Azure AD, AD Local and G Suite). If you prefer you can also import users via .csv file.

Choose the deployment mode for Letsignit signatures: Then choose the deployment method or methods that best suit your client's use:

• Outlook users: invite your users to download the APP

• Outlook Online users: configure the Outlook WebMail connector (OWA) or the connector for Gmail

• For all users and in particular those who wish to use Outlook in its mobile version: activate the Office 365 SMTP connector or make an appointment to configure the G Suite SMTP connector.

Want to find out more about the Letsignit Partner Portal? Click here to see our video presentation🎬

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