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App: How clear the cache?
App: How clear the cache?

Find out how to clear the cache of the Letsignit App

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First step :

  • Quit the Letsignit app by right clicking on the app icon

  • Close Outlook, too

Then :

  • Go to "Files Explorer" and type: %appdata% in the top search bar

  • Rename the "LetsignitApp" folder to "LetsignitApp.old"

  • Return to %appdata%, Microsoft and rename the "Signatures" folder to "Signatures.old"

Then, still in the file exporter search bar, type %appdata%\LetsignitApp\Cache and delete all files in the "Cache_Data" folder. This will force the application to perform a new synchronization and retrieve the signatures attached to the user.

To finish, relaunch the Letsignit application and choose "start Outlook" in the app.

If the issue persists, do not hesitate to contact our support team via the online chat.

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