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App: How to connect multiple accounts to the Letsignit App?
App: How to connect multiple accounts to the Letsignit App?

Learn how to manage multiple user accounts in your App.

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Starting from the App version 1.7.0 you can now connect multiple accounts to the App; a maximum of 5 accounts can be connected at the same time.

Please follow the following to learn how to do it and to discover the new app design:

First of, you will find a new hamburguer style menu on the top left corner, click on it:

Then click on the Accounts tab:

You will find your currently connected accounts and the possibility to add more.
click on add another account.

You will see the log in page, choose the emailing service that corresponds to the account you wish to connect and enter your credentials:

You will return to the accounts page to find the new added account, to which you can switch to by simply clicking on it to take a look at the corresponding signtures and campaigns:

To switch to an account, simply click on it and you will now be able to see that account's information (signatures, campaigns, profile information).

You can now switch between accounts in your app as you wish.

When synchronizing multiple accounts to the app, you will find all associated signatures in Outlook's signature library:

When changing the sender, and if the sender's account is also synchronized with the app, Letsignit will automatically insert the corresponding signature.

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