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App: How to preset and lock the app settings.
App: How to preset and lock the app settings.

Learn how to manage the app settings from the management platform.

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As an administrator, you can manage the settings of all the apps that have been deployed in your organization, you can preset and lock the settings for all users.

Important: This functionality is only compatible with app versions 1.6.2 and newer.

To do this, head to the downloads page by clicking on the drop down menu on the top right corner of the screen:

Once here, find the app settings section in the middle of the page:

Select the settings you wish to apply and click on "Apply changes"

The app will search for updates every 3 hours.

To block the possibility for users to make changes to the settings do not select "Allow users to modify the app settings".

However if you allow them to modify the settings, they still will receive your preset settings but will be able to modify them at will.

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