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Signature : What is the reply/forward signature ?
Signature : What is the reply/forward signature ?
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This is a Letsignit Business feature that allows users to automatically send a variant of their signature when replying or forwarding an email.

How does it work?

You now have the possibility to create and edit a variant of your signature when you reply or forward an email. This second signature will only be associated with the main signature.

The signatures without reply/forward will send the main signatures in all emails.

Please note that you will only have one active reply signature.

How do you create your reply/forward signature?

When you create a new signature or access an existing one, you will already have your main signature and a reply/forward option. Once you have created your main signature, click on add a reply/forward to create and activate the signature variant (you will receive a pop-up and a confirmation message). Finally, don't forget to save your changes.

Once in the main signature editing area you can choose a signature template to apply and/or edit in the designer. When your reply/forward signature is saved and activated, it will automatically appear on the first reply/forward.

If, when replying to an email, you want to use your default signature, you can easily choose it manually in the Outlook signature store.

Reply/Forward in the Letsignit app:

In the app, you will be able to preview your main signature as well as your reply/forward signature.

If you do not have an active reply/forward signature, the app will suggest that you contact your administrator so they can assign one to you.

Note: The reply/forward signature is compatible with the following email clients:

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