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How to include campaigns in your Reply / Forward emails ?
How to include campaigns in your Reply / Forward emails ?

Find out how to make your campaign appear in all your emails, including replies and transfers.

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When you configure the "Reply / Forward" option in your signatures, the Campaigns are automatically disabled from these two sending modes.

The purpose is to limit the weight of email exchanges, considering that there can be many.

If you want your campaigns to be visible at all time, simply deactivate the Replay / Forward option by clicking on the small trash can, as shown below:

Once this is done, your signature will be combined with your campaign, whether you want to send a first email, to reply or to forward and existing email.

Please note : It is not possible to use a simplified R/F signature and to combine it with a campaign. The basic signature will be added in each email. If there is an active campaign, it will me combined with it.

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