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Signature : I need to have several signature for one account
Signature : I need to have several signature for one account

How multi-signature works

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What is it?

It’s a Letsignit Business feature that allows users to choose one of multiple combinations of signature + campaign, according to their communication needs. These combinations will be displayed in Outlooks’ signature catalog.

How it works?

When having active signatures and campaigns, users will be able to choose a combination of them directly from Outlook’s signature catalog.


If you have 2 active signatures and 3 active campaigns, this would result in 6 possible combinations to choose from Outlooks’ signature catalog:

  • (Signature 1 + Campaign 1) (Signature 1 + Campaign 2) (signature 1 + Campaign 3)

  • (Signature 2 + Campaign 1) (Signature 2 + Campaign 2) (Signature 2 + Campaign 3)

Signatures and campaigns will be combined regardless of the level of priority or date created, as long as they are active. The default combination displayed automatically in the emails body will be the one with the highest priority level, if they all have the same priority level, then the most recently created combination will be displayed as default.


For the multi signature, you will find on the bottom of the app a new section that displays the number of other active signatures your Letsignit admin has created for you.

When several signatures are assigned to you, you can preview them by scrolling right and left.

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