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What is the advantage of subscribing the Campaigns offer?
What is the advantage of subscribing the Campaigns offer?

Learn more about the marketing advantages of the Campaigns offer

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With the Campaigns offer, make each email a communication opportunity!

1/ Campaign creation

Thanks to your offer, you have the opportunity to insert marketing banners under your signatures!

This is your chance to share news about your company with your recipients! Sales, new products, events...

If you'd like to see more use cases for your future campaigns, download our ebook!

In the "Campaigns" section, you can create, program and manage your marketing banners.

2/ Creating campaigns with internal restrictions

You'll be able to create campaigns dedicated to your recipients and collaborators, as well as campaigns dedicated solely to internal use! In fact, if you're compatible with the addin, you can use our internal audience feature to communicate information directly to your employees only.

With telecommuting on the rise, internal communication is becoming essential! Share all important information with your employees: new offices, new arrivals, internal events...

3/ Track your campaign statistics!

You also have access to your campaign statistics. From this tab, you can see the number of clicks generated by your campaigns.

You can filter your searches by selecting a specific period and campaign. You can then compare several campaigns to see which one performs best!

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