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What do I need to know about Campaigns?
What do I need to know about Campaigns?

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Amplify the reach of your communications with Campaigns.

With this subscription, you can integrate communication banners into your e-mail signatures and program your external and internal campaigns.

What would you like to know :

What are the advantages of subscribing to Campaigns?

With Campaigns, turn every e-mail into a communication opportunity!

  1. Campaign creation.

    Thanks to your offer, you can insert marketing banners under your signatures! It's the perfect opportunity to share news about your company with your recipients! Sales, new products, events...

    If you'd like to see more use cases for your future campaigns, download our ebook!

    From the "Campaigns" section, you can create, program and manage your marketing banners.

  2. Create campaigns with internal restrictions.

    You'll be able to create campaigns dedicated to your recipients and collaborators, as well as campaigns for internal use only! In fact, if you're compatible with Add in, you can use our internal audience feature to communicate information directly to your employees only.

    With telecommuting on the rise, internal communication is becoming increasingly important! Share all important information with your employees: new offices, new arrivals, internal events, etc.

  3. Track the performance of your campaigns in real time.

    You can also access your campaign statistics. From this tab, you can view the number of clicks generated by your campaigns.

    You can filter your searches by selecting a specific period and campaign. You can then compare several campaigns to see which one performs best!

How do I subscribe to Campaigns?

From the platform, in your "Subscription" area, you can switch from Branding to Campaigns at any time:

By clicking on "Modify my subscription", you will be redirected to the choice of the number of licenses you require, and the request will be forwarded directly to the contact assigned to your account, who will send you the invoice corresponding to your selection.

What happens if I have a Campaigns account and want to subscribe to the Branding offer?

The offer is taken out for a monthly or annual commitment. You can change it on the anniversary date of your commitment.

For further details, you can reach your contact in the "My subscription" section of your account.

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