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Connect your O365 directory to the Letsignit platform and synchronize your users
Connect your O365 directory to the Letsignit platform and synchronize your users

Find out here how to connect your directory to Letsignit and synchronize your users

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This operation must be performed by a global administrator of both your Office 365 tenant and your Letsignit platform.

  1. First, we invite you to go to the "Office 365/Gsuite integrations" section from the platform drop-down menu at the top right of the platform.

  2. Once in the "Connectors" page, from the Office 365 environment, simply click on the little arrow in the "Microsoft Office 365 Active Directory Synchronization" section, then "Authorize".

  3. This will open a window requesting connection from an Office 365 administrator account.

  4. Once you've done this, you'll be presented with a window displaying the "By domains" and "By groups" options. From here, you can choose to synchronize your users either by domain or by group.

    Note that you can also import additional attributes from your directory by checking the corresponding box.

Once the first synchronization has been activated, you can restart a manual synchronization from the same connectors page, via the Active Directory synchronization, by clicking on the "Synchronize" button, and also edit your synchronization by clicking on "Edit".

Please note: domain names present in synchronized groups must be ticked in the "by domains" section. Otherwise, users with these domain names cannot be synchronized, even if they are part of synchronized groups.

Our support team will be happy to answer any questions you may have :)

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