• On Outlook : download the APP from the plateform and remember to ask your users to download it to make their signatures effective on their workplace too.

  • On Office 365 ( Webmail ) and GSuite : 

From your Letsignit administrator account, go to the top-right menu, in "Office 365/GSuite integrations ".

The following screen appears :

- If you are the Google/Office 365 administrator, then you can directly authorize the Letsignit API to diffuse the Letsignit signatures, just click on "Authorize". 

- If you are NOT the Google/Office 365 administrator, then, click on "Ask IT Admin" and fill out the fields, providing your IT Admin's email address who will receive an invitation to authorize the API.

- If you benefit from an onpremise Exchange server, click on “Edit” to generate an unique ID thatwill allow you to authorize the Letsignit scripts and APIs. 

Once the connector is activated, refresh your G-Suite or Office 365 Webmail.

If you have any issues, consult our FAQ, for Gsuite or Office 365.

  • On Mobile and tablet: 

To benefit from your Letsignit signatures on your mobile or tablet, you must activate the SMTP connector. Go to the "Office 365/GSuite integrations" tab in the platform. 

- If you have Office 365 licences :

Click on the "Smtp Office 365" tab and on "Configuration"

Then, follow the instructions described in the window. 

To learn more about the Smtp Office 365, click there.

- If you benefit from an Exchange on premise server :

Contact us to the email address customercare@letsignit.com.
We will get back to you very quickly to schedule an appointment. 

To learn more about Exchange on premise server Smtp, click there.

These deployment methods are independent of each other. You can totally benefit from all three :) 

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