Letsignit Administrator 

To access to the Office 365 synchronization option, the user must be a Letsignit administrator.

To check this, go to the Letsignit platform "Team" section.

And check that the user has the administrator role.

Office 365 side

The user chosen to perform the Office 365 synchronisation must be at least a "User" with an active licence.

He must also be either a "Global Administrator", or at least have the "Application Administrator" role.

To check this, go to the Office 365 tenant "Admin" part:

Once in this section, go to the "Active users" list.

Click on the concerned user and check in his roles that the user is at least "Application Administrator".

Active Exchange License

On the same user, check that he has an active Exchange license able to access the Exchange administration center.

Tests performed and validated by LSI with:

✓ « Enterprise E3 » License

✓ « Business Standard » License

After those verifications, you'll be able to activate the Office 365 synchronization.

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