Letsignit Administrator 

First of all, to access the synchronization option with Office 365, the user must be a Letsignit administrator.
To check this, simply go to the "Team" section of the Letsignit platform.

And check that the user has the role of administrator.

Office 365 Administrator 

The user you will use to synchronize with Office 365 must also be the "Application Administrator" of your Office 365 tenant.
To check this, go to the "Admin" part of your Office 365 tenant :

Once in this section, go to the list of your active users.

Click on the concerned user and check in his roles that the user is at least "Application Administrator".

Active Exchange Licences 

On the same user, check that he has an active Exchange license.

After those verifications you'll be able to activate all the connectors :)
If you need some help to go further, please feel free to ask us through the chat box!

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