Create an account:

Choose to create your account manually or login via your Office 365 or G Suite account.

Let's get started! First, fill out the basic information on your company such as your Contant details, company name, number of employees, etc.

(If you connected using your Office 365 or GSuite account this information may already be filled in)

Select a signature template. You have the option to preview it or edit contact details.

Then select your email provider and how do you wish to install Letsignit.
(If you used the Office 365 or GSuite authentication, you will only be asked question number 2).

Install options for Office 365 as an example :

If you use Outlook, the platform will propose to download the Letsignit application. Click on "Get my signature" to begin downloading. If you use the WebApp or wish to have your signatures on all devices, you will be asked to implement another method.

With Letsignit Business you have the option to use the Drag & Drop Designer to further edit your signature!

In the platform:

Create a signature:

From your dashboard, click "new signature" to start the creation.

Select your signature model in the template library and save your selection.

Three ways to invite your colleagues:

Manage the allocation of email signatures by adding your users.

The plateform suggests many possiblities :
- The manual addition (mail by mail) of each user or the invitation by sending a link.
- The users importation thanks to a csv file.
- The synchronization of your active directory directly from the plateform.

Attribute and turn on your signature

Unroll the new signature in any mail

- On Outlook: download the APP from the platform and remember to ask your users to download it to make their signatures effective on their workplace too.

- On Office 365 ( Webmail ) and G Suite:

To be able to set up the API Push, you must have done your synchronization.

From your Letsignit administrator account, go to the top-right menu, in "Office 365/G Suite integrations".

The following screen appears :

Now :

- Either you are an Office 365/Google administrator and you can directly allow the Letsignit API to spread the signatures by clicking on "allow".

- Or you are not an Office 365/Google administrator, complete the mail of your IT admin who will receive an invitation to allow the API.

Now, you can reload your Gmail/Office 365 webmail customer. Your signature will automatically be added in each new mail.

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