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Connectors : The OWA and sync alerts
Connectors : The OWA and sync alerts
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SIf the directory synchronization service or the Push API for webmail signature synchronization (Outlook OWA and Gmail) has a token expiration issue or if the communication between services is no longer valid, you will find a problem. notification on your dashboard:

This happens when the synchronization service is no longer available to communicate with Letsignit and thus updates of the user profile or updates of signatures on webmail are no longer possible.

To fix the problem you need to follow these two quick steps:

  1. Delete the connector specified in the notificiation alert.

  2. Authorize a new connection with an Office 365 or GSuite admin account according to the service you need.

Once the new connection has been made (or the old one removed) the alert message will not be displayed anymore.

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