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How to delegate a collaborator's signature?
How to delegate a collaborator's signature?
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With the signature delegation function, an administrator could allow designated users to use the signature of other specific collaborators.

This will help, for example, department assistants to sign e-mails on behalf of their colleagues and managers.

How to delegate signatures?

first of all, a user must have an active signature or campaign assigned (consume a licence) in order to profit from this feature.

Go to your team tab and identify the user that needs to access other collaborators signatures.

Click on his profile and then on "manage delegations"

on the search bar, type the name or email of the person who's signature should be made accessible for the chosen user.

Click on the name from the autocomplete list and click on "add"

This person will be added to the list of collaborators who's signatures are accessible to the user you previously identified.

The user who will benefit from the delegated signature will find it in his Addin and can select it manually.

⚠️a user can only receive a delegation if they are already consuming a licence (i.e. if they already have an active signature assigned).

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