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Gsuite directory: How to synchronize it with Letsignit?
Gsuite directory: How to synchronize it with Letsignit?

Discover how to massively import users from your Gsuite directory into the platform

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From your Letsignit platform, go to the drop-down menu at the top right of the window and click on "Office 365/G Suite Integrations".

Then, go to the "Gmail" section and click on "Authorize".

You will see the following window:

Enter the administrator's email and password.

Then, validate the API rights.

If those steps are well configured, you will be directed to the Letsignit platform.
After a few minutes, your users will appear in the "Team" section.
The time of the synchronization can change according to the number of users you have in your directory.

To find the created Google API in your G Suite platform, 1) go to Menu / Security / Settings. 2) or click on the security icon.

Click on "API Permissions" at the bottom of the list.

Activate the applications in the "Admin" section.

You can see the API created by Letsignit.

Now, you can refresh your Letsignit platform and see all your colleagues in your Team section :)

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