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App: Azure Active Directory seamless authentication.
App: Azure Active Directory seamless authentication.

Learn how to automatically log in to your account when launching the Letsignit app.

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The Letsignit app now supports the seamless single sign on method (Seamless SSO). This means that once you start your windows session the Letsignit app will automatically log in when the app is launched.

How can you achieve this?

Inside your Azure Active Directory, you need to enable this option, to learn how to do it please consult the official Microsoft guide here.

To determine if the App must initiate the seamless authentication it will try to retrieve the email address of the user on the LDAP email field, and if it is not set to retrieve the UPN (User Principal Name).

After verifying that the user is present on Letsignit, the app will look if it finds the computer account AZUREADSSOACC via an LDAP query.

If all conditions are met, then the App will trigger the seamless authentication.

For more information on the Seamless SSO click here

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