With the new Teams widget maintaining direct communication with your contacts is now much easier, the new widget allows the recipient of your emails the opportunity to contact you via Microsoft Teams directly either to continue the conversation via chat or via a call .

The widget is automatically programmed to retrieve the email address of each collaborator who has been assigned to the firm.

note: if the recipient is not authorized to communicate with outside persons, the feature will not work.

Follow these simple steps to add the widget to your signature:

Open the new designer.

On the menu of items on the left, identify the "Widget" block and click on it.

Finally drag the "Microsoft Teams" block to the position you want on your signature.

When the recipient clicks on the widget, Microsoft Teams will open a conversation between you and your recipient.

If you wish, you can modify the widget text by double-clicking on it.

The style of the text and the icon can be modified from the contextual menu.

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