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Signature : The hyphen of my email address is not taken into account in the "mailto"
Signature : The hyphen of my email address is not taken into account in the "mailto"
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It may happen that if the user's email address contains a hyphen (-), it will not be taken into account in the "mailto" process. To correct this, simply follow these steps:

Make sure you've added "mailto:" to the URL and selected the "Email" attribute.

If, despite this, the dash is not taken into account, you can follow the steps below:

  • Create a Letsignit attribute (for example, "email address"). The following link shows you how to proceed: Create new attributes

  • In the user file, in the "LETSIGNIT ATTRIBUTES" section, enter the email value in the Letsignit attribute you've created.

  • In the designer, delete the "Email" attribute from the signature

  • From the designer, insert the created Letsignit attribute into the signature and enter the following value in the URL field: mailto:######### {{ attribute code provided by LSI }}

  • The following images summarize the procedure:

If you need to fill in this Letsignit attribute for all your users, simply create a CSV export of your users.

In this CSV, you'll need to delete all the columns except the one containing the email addresses and the Letsignit attribute you've created, then copy and paste all the email addresses into the Letsignit attribute column. Your CSV will then contain just 2 columns filled with your users' email addresses.

Then simply import this CSV into the platform.

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