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Google Clients: Best practices to stay within 10k characters
Google Clients: Best practices to stay within 10k characters

Gmail imposes a limit of 10k characters in signature code. To solve this problem, several solutions are possible:

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1 - Replace spacing blocks with manual padding:

2 - Reduce the width of attributes:

If you find that the attribute block is quite wide (with a value indicated in one of the attributes), we invite you to reduce it.

For example:

Edit mode (to the right of the designer):


Then change the value if one is indicated among the different attributes:


3 - Replace prefixes with image blocks:

4 - Disable link tracking:

Removing the tracking link reduces the length of your signature's HTML code so that it no longer exceeds 10,000 characters.

However, you will no longer see the number of clicks displayed.

If you wish to reactivate tracking, we invite you to try reducing the size of your signature, referring to the previous points, or removing certain blocks, or those containing URL links (counted as additional characters).

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