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Creating dynamic groups.
Creating dynamic groups.

Learn how to dynamically create groups based on their directory attributes.

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The automatic creation of groups is now easier thanks to the dynamic groups. This feature allows you to create attribute-based rules that will generate user groups based on the values ​​found in their profiles.


Create user groups according to the city where they are located:

Go to the groups' tab and click on the menu button and click on create dynamic rule:

Then, select the attribute on which you want to create the groups, in this example we will use the city attribute, then click on generate a dynamic rule.

Once the dynamic rule has been generated, you will be able to find all the groups that were created based on the values ​​found in the user profiles, which were all grouped together automatically.

Users who do not have a specific value for the selected attribute are grouped in the same way in a separate "none" group which makes it easier to manage your users.

Each new user is automatically added to the corresponding group, in the same way that groups are automatically updated when a user's profile is changed.

You can consult all your dynamic rules and identify how many groups have been created by each of the rules.

It is important to mention that this type of groups cannot be edited directly, as they are generated on very specific rules based on user information. Likewise, a particular group cannot be deleted, only the dynamic rule can be deleted, which results in the deletion of all groups associated with the rule.

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