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Team: How to create and manage subsidiaries?
Team: How to create and manage subsidiaries?
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This feature allows you to separate your user base into different branches/subsidiaries, defined from a common criterion. The management of these subsidiaries is centralized but the administration signatures and campaigns is specific to each subsidiary.

How to create a subsidiary?

  1. Go to the team tab, in the sub-menu, click on "Subsidiaries", then on the button on the right "Create subsidiary".

2. Enter in the first field the name with which you want to identify your subsidiary, then choose the unique criterion according to which the subsidiary will be created, for example, Country.

*The criterion chosen to create your first subsidiary (country in our example) will be the same for all your subsidiaries. It is not possible to create subsidiaries with different criteria.

3. Enter the value of the criterion with which this subsidiary will be created, for example, United States (the value must be entered exactly as it appears in the directory).

4. Enter the name or e-mail of the employees to whom you wish to delegate the management of the subsidiary and validate by clicking on add.

*Global administrators are systematically adinistrators of all subsidiaries.

5. Once you have completed these settings, click on "Create Subsidiary", all users who have the value "United States" in the "Country" field of their directory will be imported into the subsidiary. The time of creation of a subsidiary may vary deppending on the number of users in the subsidiary.

Finally, to access your newly created subsidiary:

Go to the main menu and click on the new section dedicated to the subsidiaries:

A window containing your subsidiaries will appear, simply click on the one you wish to connect to:

You will then be redirected automatically to the homepage of the chosen subsidiary:

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