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Team: How to edit subsidiaries and manage user exclusion?
Team: How to edit subsidiaries and manage user exclusion?
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To edit the parameters of a subsidiary, go to the team tab and click on the subsidiary you wish to edit.

Once within the selected subsidiary, you can identify various editable fields and different sections:

In the first field you can edit the name with which the subsidiary is identified in the connection pop up and in the list of existing subsidiaries.

The selected attribute cannot be modified while there are other existing subsidiaries. To modify the attribute criteria you need to delete all subsidiaries.

In the third field you can edit the value of the criterion, for example, if you have selected the criterion by city and your city is currently Washington, you can change the value to another city such as Paris (value must be entered exactly as it appears in the directory). By doing this, all users will be replaced and lose the signatures or campaigns that have already been assigned.

In the administrators section you can add new administrators or remove existing ones.

Lastly, in the users section you can manage the exclusion of users from the subsidiary

Users who are excluded from the subsidiary will be migrated to the main level as they do not belong to any subsidiary.

To make exclusions click on "exclude":

A new window will open, this list shows all existing users, select from among them the users that you want to withdraw from the subsidiary and / or users that if in the future they match the selection criteria, they should not be part of this subsidiary.

Once the users have been selected click next to see a recap of all the users that will be excluded from the subsidiary.

Click on save to return to the subsidiary's general settings.

Finally, to save the changes, click on save, this will recalculate the subsidiary. This may take several minutes depending on the number of users.

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