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Team: The different levels of administration within the subsidiaries.
Team: The different levels of administration within the subsidiaries.
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Previously there were only two roles (administrator and user), with the subsidiaries feature a new level of administration has been introduced: the subsidiary administrator.

Now there are three different roles:

The global administrator: You have access to all the functionalities of the platform, you can create, edit and delete subsidiaries, configure or remove integrations with Office and GSuite (connectors), synchronize new attributes and manage custom attributes, add or remove users. With this level of administration you can access and manage all existing subsidiaries.

* Integration management (connectors) is not available within the subsidiaries as they are configurations that impact the entire directory and not only the subsidiary.

The global administrator can promote any user in global administrator or appoint him administrator of any subsidiary either directly within the subsidiary by changing his role from user to administrator int he team tab (1) or from the creation / editing window of a subsidiary (2).

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A global administrator can be part of a subsidiary and save the global administration privileges, for this, he must be appointed administrator before belonging to any subsidiary.

Subsidiary Administrator: This new role has been created to manage only the subsidiary assigned to the admin. The subsidiary administrator can create and assign signatures and campaigns only to the users that belong to his subsidiary. This administrator does not have access to any other subsidiary or to the global administration level. This admin has the ability to appoint other subsidiary users, administrators. This administrator cannot edit the subsidiaries or add or remove users.

User: This role has no privilege on the web platform, the only actions available are to consult the help section and download the desktop application for Outlook.

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